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Offering Family’s the Trust & Credibility to store their Baby’s Stem Cells for Decades to come

Benefits USACordBank Can Offer

Simplified from A-Z

It's important to us to simplify the entire process from A to Z, ensuring that your stored stem cells are successful.

We Operate 365 Days a Year

We are in operation around the clock. Your stem cell units get processed within an hour of arriving at our Lab.

Affordable Pricing

Looking for a cord blood company without having to pay extra for additional services, or having to wonder if the yearly renewal fee will rise in the future?

Understanding Cord Blood Banking

Baby's Cord Blood

Many people may not realize this, but the umbilical cord which is so often discarded after a baby is born, may be the one thing which could help save that childs life in the future.

Advantages of Cord Blood

Cord Blood Banking currently derives from the safest, most plentiful, and least costly source of stem cells: the umbilical cord. Why should you use Cord Blood Banking?
All Cord Blood is Now Processed & Stored at our State-Of-The-Art Facility in Utah, a Safe & Typical Disaster Free Location
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