Finally, A Cord Blood Company you can Bank On

  1. Clinical Guidance Guarantee: We have such a strong believe in our stem cell processing and storage methods that we will: Guarantee that the Collection and Storage process will be successful and viable when the time comes, or we will refund you in full
  2. Peace Of Mind Guarantee: If you change your mind within the first year and decide that you don’t want to store your cord blood with USACordBank for any reason, we will pay for the transfer fee to the cord blood bank of your choice
  3. Best Value Guarantee: The Services-to-Pricing ratio that we offer are unmatched in the cord blood banking industry. If you find comparable Processing, Medical Courier and the Years of Storage we offer, we are certain, they will be at a much higher price

The Leader & Innovator in Cord Blood & Cord Tissue Storage

The Success of the company has stemmed from the forward looking science and methods to improve handling, processing & storage. Our industry leading scientists have also introduced significant advances in stem cell recovery and by that offering first-rate medical science. We believe that the effectiveness of cryopreserving can only be proven by viable stem cells and this is why USACordBank takes pride in its

100% Treatment Success Rate

USACordBank’s Lab has been in business since 2004 with our Doctors having 50 years of combined experience in biochemistry, cell extraction, cryostorage, physics and long-term operational planning.

Innovative protocols & methods presented by our Doctors

1. Our Doctors developed the process of stem cell isolation from cord tissue.
Instead of just cryopreserving the a 4-6 inch part of the umbilical cord and hoping that it will remain viable down the road, USACordBank takes it a step further and isolates the stem cells from the cord tissue and stores them in vials to ensure longevity of the stem cells.

2. Only company to isolate & cryopreserve cord blood in 5 separate vials
If a sample or only portion of the cyropreserved stem cells are needed, we only retrieve the necessary amount, leaving the rest of the stem cells undisturbed and frozen at the perfect temperature in their own vials. USACordBank simply feels this is the best way forward to ensure the longevity of the stored stem cells.

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