The Process from A to Z

  1. Easy Enroll

Simply select any plan on our Enrollment page or call us at 1-877-241-CORD (2673) and we will send you everything your Obstetrician or Midwife needs to collect your baby’s cord blood.

  • Enroll and quickly receive your Collection Kit
  • Each Plan includes: Collection Kit, Expedited Medical Courier, Enhanced Processing and at least 5 years of storage.

  2. Collection Kit

USACordBank only uses sterile, FDA-approved cord blood collection kits for all births, including C-sections. All the collection of Cord Blood is done prior to the delivery of the placenta but within minutes after the birth of the child.  The obstetrician or midwife performs the procedure, and securely collects and inserts the cord blood into our fully insulated Collection Kit.

  • FDA Approved Collection Kits
  • Physician preferred Instructions
  • Highly Insulated Collection Kit
  • We recommend to pack the Collection Kit along with your pregnancy bag

  3. Expedited Medical Courier (Quick International)

An Expedited Medical Courier will visit the Hospital to pickup the Cord Blood Collection Kit.

  • If needed, our 24/7 friendly service adviser will available to assist at 1-877-241-CORD
  • Medical Courier will come right to the hospital within 90 minutes, to pickup the Collection Kit
  • It quickly gets delivered via a medical courier via overnight shipping

USACordBank’s Cord Blood Collection Kits meets all the standards set by the FDA and it is our mission to ensure that the Collection kit is both delivered & processed with urgency. In order to maintain the ideal temperature for the cord blood during shipping, our collection kits are fitted to be highly insulated.

  4. Processing

When the Collection Kit arrives at the laboratory, our techs start processing within an hour of delivery. The stem cells are then separated from the other blood cells using our Enhanced Processing methods. USACordBank not only consistently strives to meet regulatory standards but to also exceed them.

  • Our Enhanced Processing ensures that we will store the largest amount of stem cells possible.
    ( How do we do it? )
  • The stem cell extraction and cryogenic preservation processes begin immediately after we receive your cord blood – not the next day
  • Our Enhanced Processing lets us collect near 100% purity rate for an increasingly larger stem cell storage amount
  • Heparin-free collection bags – We choose FDA recommended (CPD) for our Collection Kits

  5. Storage (CryoPreservation)

Don’t accept second best when it comes to cryopreserving your baby’s cord blood stem cells. By selecting USACordBank to store your cord blood stem cells, you are utilizing a company with a history of a high success rate:

  • 100% Treatment Success Rate
  • USACordBank offers the worlds only Lab-Direct “Five Chances to Save a Life”, with our specialized StemSafe™ Multi-Use Storage System
  • This recent development that allows more than one treatment. Technicians can remove some of the cells without disturbing the remainder of the batch, leaving the rest of the vials perfectly frozen and undisturbed.  What is left can be used for future treatments.
  • These vials are then slowly frozen to prevent the cells from going into shock.
  • We spare no expenditures to tightly regulate and maintain the cells at the perfect constant temperature
  • At this stage the stem cells are cryogenically stored to ensure long-term preservation
  • You will receive your detailed Storage Certificate, stating the volume, cell count and much more

If this process is not carefully handled and the temperature is not tightly controlled, you are risking the long term viability of the cord blood stem cells. With USACordBank, we spare no expenses to ensure the most stringent methods are utilized to keep the highest quality intact.

[fruitful_dbox shadowtype=”type-5″] USA Cord Bank is truly the best value for your money[/fruitful_dbox]

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