What Separates USACordBank From The Rest?

USACordBank has served more cord blood and cord tissue donors, than any other stem cell bank in our region. Our mission is to help parents make an informed decision on how to preserve the future health of their baby, their siblings, parents and grandparents.

  #1: Why Choose USACordBank?
We are located near Salt Lake City, Utah, a geographical safe location not exposed to typical disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes or earthquakes
USACordBank is only 1 in 4 labs in the USA approved to store cord blood & cord tissue ( Details )
USACordBank offers the worlds only Lab-Direct “Five Chances to Save a Life”, with our specialized StemSafe™ Multi-Use Storage System
USACordBank’s Enhanced Processing has a cell recovery rate of greater than 98% ( Details )
Our Doctors developed the process of stem cell isolation from cord tissue. (We don’t simply freeze the cord tissue and hope for the best aka “Ostrich Approach”)
Our Collection procedures are simple and Obstetrician preferred
USACordBank has a zero accident history, having processed 10,000’s of samples, passing our accreditations with flying colors
We simply offer you the best value in the industry
Over 50 years of combined experience in microbiology, chemistry, engineering, physics and operations
Get 0% financing for up to 6 months
We are there for you, every step of the way
Join the USACordBank Family
  #2: Innovative Science and Improved Methods

Regenerative medicine is about capitalizing on the advances made in stem cell research. These advances in stem cell science will unlock unimaginable methods of healing both our body’s tissue and organs. Our industry leading scientists have already introduced significant advances in stem cell recovery and by that offering first-rate medical science.

cryo-preserve1. Our Doctors developed the process of stem cell isolation from cord tissue. (We take it a step further from simply freezing the cord tissue in a container; we isolate the stem cells from the tissue to improve long term viability)
2. We are the only company to isolate & cryopreserve cord blood stem cells in 5 separate vials, providing you with the possibility of “Five Chances to Save a Life”, with our specialized StemSafe™ Multi-Use Storage System.

  #3: The Benefits USACordBank Can Offer

In the last 5 years, the field of regenerative medicine has seen a huge jump in scientific advances in both stem cell transplants and research, more so than the 10 years prior. Due to these rapid advances, USACordBank believes that a good cord blood company needs to have a forward looking vision by improving both methods & protocols. Everything comes down to ensuring the longevity of the stored stem cells, instead of focusing most of its efforts on collection & mass marketing.

  #4: Highest Standards At Great Prices

Here at USACordBank we offer the highest standards of quality for the preservation and storage of stem cells. Our friendly service advisers are here to help you choose which type of stem cell package is ideal for you, may it be from the umbilical cord (cord blood + placenta blood) or the cord tissue.

We are here to make the process simple and are here to help guide you through the simple process, from A to Z. Once you make your decision, you can rest assured, knowing that your baby’s own life giving stem cells are properly preserved and stored should you ever need them.

You don’t want to pass on this ONE Opportunity to preserve your baby’s stem cells.

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