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  USACordBank CBR ViaCord
Who has the highest average cell recovery rate? > 98% > 98% ~80% ††
Approved to store both cord blood & cord tissue stem cells? Yes Yes No
Does the company own its storage facility? Yes Yes No††
Are the samples stored in a Safe location? Yes (Utah) Yes (Arizona) No (Kentucky)
(High Tornado Risk)
Have a Zero Accident History? Yes No No
Have had Lawsuits filed against them? No Yes Yes
Have a 100% Treatment Success Rate? Yes (100%) N/A (Will Not Release) No (88%)
CryoPreservation Storing Method: (5 Vials)
5 Chances to Save a Life
2 Sections
2 Section
Specialized Medical Courier Transport (Quick International) (Quick International) (MNX)
Enhanced Processing (More Stem Cells Extracted) Included Included $1800
Total cost: 5 Year Cord Blood Plan (No Promo) $1695 $2250* $2075 (+1800)
Total cost: 18 Year Cord Blood Plan (No Promo) $2795 $3895* $4125* (+1800)
Total cost: 30 Year Cord Blood Plan (No Promo) $3895 $5545* $5300* (+1800)
Reason for Price Difference (Word of Mouth Referrals, with a very low marketing budget) Mass Marketing cost is passed down to you Mass Marketing cost is passed down to you
Other cord blood banking companies simply spend millions up millions on marketing to doctors, hospitals and expecting parents. This is why, sometimes you pay nearly double the price. USACordBank simply places its focus on Quality over Quantity.

*Approximate Total Cost.   ‡‡ “Newborn stem cell units” = cord blood and cord tissue samples.   †† Data was based on the best information available.

Prioritization of Cord Blood Banking

When it comes to stem cell preservation, is it important to you that the company is fully specialized in All aspects of Cord Blood and Cord Tissue banking? In some sense, like a Full Service company? So why then, are some of these huge cord blood companies not fully specialized? Are their efforts focused more on other aspects of their business, such as mass marketing? At USACordBank, our focus is solely based on the science of preserving stem cells for long term viability. You see, USACordBank is One of a very few Cord Blood Banks offering all the Establishment Functions that the FDA offers accreditations for.

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Information as of 2015. Information can be verified by visiting the FDA Database
*If the competitor does not offer the Established Function of “Recover”, it probably does not have the technology and capabilities to recover and isolate stem cells from cord tissue and instead chooses to store the cord tissue as a whole, which many experts agree is the ‘Ostrich Approach’ to handling cord tissue stem cells.

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