Advantages of Cord Blood

Why should you be among the tens of thousands of families who have decided to bank their baby’s cord blood?

Banking your baby’s cord blood stem cells is the best way to ensure that your baby, and potentially your entire family, has quick access to stem cells and stem cell therapy. May it one day be required, it will potentially provide your family with a biological repair kit and in some cases might provide your family with the best chances to beat cancer.

In addition to treating Blood Disorder or Immunodeficiencies, future advances may enable your child to regenerate lost heart or brain tissue due to injury or disease. If you are a soon to be parent, this could be your ONE Opportunity to store your baby’s cord blood stem cells and to help ensure the future health of your family.

Recent advances in medicine have uncovered that cord blood is rich in various types of stem cells, the same types of cells that create your baby’s organs, brain, blood and immune system. Stem cells are the body’s building blocks or “master cells”. These master cells can develop or differentiate into any type of tissue or organ, including various organs such as the heart and liver, muscle, blood cells, immune tissue and neural cells (brain, spinal cord), and there are more than 200 ongoing clinical trials using them to find treatment options with transplants and regenerative medicines.

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  • Cord Blood Banking is cost effective – Currently the safest, most plentiful, and least costly source of stem cells are from umbilical cord blood.
  • No need for a perfect match – Unlike bone marrow, cord blood does not require a perfect match. It can be used even if there is slight match between the donor and receiver. This is one of the most crucial factors and can prove to be very helpful during emergencies.
  • No complications – If used for transplants or medicinal purposes, the utilization of cord blood does not involve any risk. It does not attack the patient’s own tissues, nor does it interfere with treatment.
  • Quickly accessible – The cord blood stem cells are readily available and a match can be obtained quickly. If needed, it will not require any further testing since this was completed prior to storing them at our laboratory. With public cord banks it can take several weeks, months or even years to find compatible bone marrow or peripheral blood donors.
  • Rich source of stem cells – Cord blood provides a rich source of stem cells. It has ten times more cells as compared to bone marrow. Hence, a lesser quantity can be used for treatment.
  • Advancements in Medicine – Scientists are still studying ways to treat many more diseases, and therapies have only gotten more successful with the rapid advancements of stem cell technologies.
  • Highly recommended to families with history of Blood & Immune disease – Specifically for families with a history of blood disorder and diseases that affect the immune system, Leukemia (ALL), Lymphoma, Sickle-Cell Anemia, and some Metabolic Disorders.

Patients in need of stem cell transplants have a few options, but the stem cells collected from cord blood is the only none-invasive method and is also the only method that has almost no chance of getting Graft-Versus-Host Disease* (Bone Marrow & Peripheral Marrow: This condition occurs when a donor’s transplanted stem cells attack your body and can lead to chronic disability due to organ injury or infections and can be life-threatening).

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The Future of Stem Cell Therapies

Stem cells found in cord tissue could be used to repair damaged hearts, brains, and spinal cords, heal injury from strokes and heart attacks and minimize and/or potentially cure diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and possibly diabetes. Stem cells collected from your baby’s umbilical cord after birth can protect not only your child, but siblings, parents, grandparents and other immediate family members.

New applications for stem cells are being discovered every day and the potential that stem cells hold for the future is the main reason that many parents decide to bank their baby’s cord blood. The advantage that USACordBank delivers is that we collect both the umbilical cord + placenta blood during child birth, making it a hassle-free and painless procedure.

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