Why the 100% Treatment Success Rate is so Important!

From the beginning, we have aspired to improve and perfect our collection, processing and storage process of stem cells and it reflects on our 10 year, 100% Treatment success rate of all of our stored stem cell units. Its is important to us simplify the entire process from A to Z and to ensure that your stored stem cell unit will be as successful as all the previous parents that placed their trust in USACordBank.

USACordbank’s primary focus has always being on ensuring that ever stem cell unit we processed and cryopreserved would be viable when the time comes, instead of placing the majority of our efforts on mass marketing.

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What Separates USACordBank from the Rest?

cryo-preserve Our Success has stemmed from implementing the most stringent protocols and procedures in place from A to Z. Our innovative Doctors determined that the best way forward was not to cyropreserve your baby’s cord blood stem cells in simple bag or containers. Instead we chose to improve on the current industry standards of cord blood storage by utilizing individual vials, providing you with the possibility of “Five Chances to Save a Life”, with our specialized StemSafe™ Multi-Use Storage System.

This is a distinct separation that USACordBank offers compared to most of its competitors and we believe that this process will be adapted more and more in the cord blood banking industry in the years ahead. Our forward thinking doctors simply believe this storing method to be much more beneficial for the longevity of the stem cells on the long term.

Other companies only use 2 chamber bags. Would you prefer 5 Possible Future Treatments, above just two?

“Five Chances to Save a Life” storage

With our “Five Chances to Save a Life” storage, you and your baby will have access to multiple units of potentially life saving stem cells that can be used in multiple instances over your baby’s lifetime. Who knows what the future of regenerative medicine holds.

Parents have placed their trust in USACordBank, and in return for that trust, we have rewarded those parents in-need of their stored stem cells with 100% Treatment success rates. You have to understand that with USACordBank, we are less about hype and mass marketing and more about securing what is important to you: To Secure the future health of your baby with the addition of a biological repair kit.

The Future with Regenerative Medicine

What are the other Benefits of storing stem cells in separate vials?

doctorLet us explain: In every instance prior to requesting all of the stored stored cord blood stem cells, your physician will request either a sample or a predetermined volume of cord blood, to double check its potency. Now, if a cord blood banking company stores all of the cord blood stem cells in a single or double chamber container, the lab technician would have to unfreeze the contents in its entirety, separate the amount needed, and then refreeze the remainder.

  1. How will this affect the remaining stem cells?
  2. Could this unfreeze and refreeze, jeopardize the long term viability of the stem cells?
  3. Could there be a better way?

If these questions have raised even the slightest doubt, than you are not alone. USACordBank believes that by taking premeasurable steps prior to cyro freezing these life saving stem cells, we are taking definite steps to assuring the longevity of these cells. For this reason alone, we choose to take the storing process a few steps further than most other companies.

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